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Supermarkets still selling GM foods
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Annexus Quam
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Supermarkets still selling GM foods
Feb 24, 2001, 15:46
thanks for the gm info, merrick, much appreciated - (also posted on the U-Know front section) - bless the protesters' cotton socks.

so gm is being generally curbed in supermarkets, i mean, directly. good. is it no longer used in the uk at all? i fail to see to what extent it may still be in, say, choc bars or digestives...any details on precisely this point?

now, we know that *indirectly* it still sucks so we'll see what happens but i only guess the wasteGMfuckers are up against their doom for good for trying to sneak in in typical GM fashion what is already here. They love waste as long as it can erase and reorganise things in the way they want so they can stick their filthy hands onto more and more households. ' 'GM technology will save world hunger' proclaim the wastefuckers. Who ever complains about the farmers in the third world whose land is being left to rot after Moncunto took over their countries in old colonial mode?

Plus, CJD and the current meat crisis can only support what we have always believed in: -- fuck the ma and she will fuck you --

I recently posted some detailed info on which biscuits and brands, etc contained American GM in my workplace; i did this in secret but the next day I was very surprised to find a teacher posting the same thing at her classroom door (because...
"students will only read it when they find it in front of their faces"). We had a conversation and i explained about GM food to her and how local respected producers had to give in to big companies from the other side of the ocean; she obviously didn't know about cattle being fed GM products. I told her how I phoned a couple of corn companies last year: after painstaking asking I realized that most of the folks working at, say, sweetcorn companies don't even know THEMSELVES where the stuff comes from! I was directed to their lab. They finally assured me they did not use GM corn in their products but that it is still used in animal feed, which is more or less the same as saying 'i don't eat meat but i eat meat pies'. How many more people out there are still in the dark? Soon only the Americans will be eating GMed filth. Shame on them for still living in the dark ages and EVEN HAVING plot-lithic-al candidates who still fight for XXth century industrialism, progress for the few and business primacy whilst plundering what's left of nature.

As a famous encyclopaedia said in its definition of capitalism: 'system in which some countries get richer by keeping the others poor'. True, no shit. Unfortunately, I saw this 6 years ago so can no longer give names.

I am of the conviction that, once the populace knows about 'distant' topics to which they have so far been indifferent, they will react. Another example, the local council were adamant the kennel would go and the hundreds of dogs sacrificed without anyone batting an eyelid. Once pamphlets were sent and the news spread around this middle-sized town, most of the dogs were adopted and saved. Only 35 remained, of which half will be privately taken by the same people whose kennel was closed, the rest are sick or old. Next time the bastards will watch out if they want to be voted.

who says the populace does not care? maybe all we need is 'education, education, education' - no cryptic intentions or hidden political propaganda, but the facts, which is always hidden from us at all costs by the captains of Industry.

Truth crushed to earth will rise again.

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