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Annexus Quam
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Jan 28, 2001, 21:16
does anyone know what to do with useless cdrs? it had NEVER even occurred to the guys in the computer shop that some fussy consumers like me would wonder what to do instead of chucking them straight in the bin

there must be a way of turning them back into aluminium by melting them or something...

and don't say - use them as beer mats

it is no surprise that the market provides for the consumer's necessities FIRST without ever worrying about their ultimate disposal or secondary effects... ask those GM/clonage wastefuckers and they'll retort with the usual: "what would you do if cloning a pig or experimenting on a monkey was the only way to save your own child?". They remind me of my teenage friend asking me who I would shag if that saved my life - Elton John or Prince Charles?
I used to spend days on end without finding a way out of the dilemma

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