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Annexus Quam
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Re: how to be
Feb 06, 2001, 14:19
nice one, but I see it in a different way, a small community is self-regulatory in that it gets rid of those who want to take advantage. It is very easy in a small group to know who is a fucker, the fucker will know he or she is a pain in the arse and will always be kicked in the arse by the rest. Tribal communities function as family-based units and so do modern communities with similar interests working for a common goal so I cannot see room for someone trying to take control of the group. And everyone knows if you want to enrich yourself you have to co-operate so you struggle to find common ground.

However, it is perfectly possible for what you call the 'fucker' to be anonymous when integrated in a big soulless system like the modern state, with its bureaucratic and technocratic obstacles, etc This in the end spawns abuse and corruption in many cases eg big organisations like the EU or multinaggionals like Monsanto and its GM appropriation of the staple foods of the world, and even a 'fucker' may come to power via democratic election, eg adolf hit-ler and take hold of a nation with a highly-organised machine of control.

But what I wonder is - if we all function as small groups we can auto-regulate ourselves with no need for regulation (which is denominated 'anarchy') so anarchism might only be possible in an ultimately non-political situation...?

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