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the 'it' in bullshit
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Re: What was the question again
Sep 22, 2003, 20:13
"Well, if "capitalism" doesn't "take sides", why does it repress people?"

That's a billion dollar question with a thousand answers. I would say that Capitalism doesn't 'repress' people, it buys them. Go figure the difference. But it works in such a way that it buys the poor/culturally dispossesed people and looks good on the block for it. When white people 'repressed' the Native Americans they the Indians) were given such bad press that even those few of them who escaped slaughter were 'poor souls' who needed saving, by the Godfearing money-lenders. The hard bit is this. Some of them WERE God-fearing and thought they were doing 'good'. Capitalism is a system as far as I can see, that can 'manage' large groups of people pretty well by keeping them glued to poductivity and consumerism. This 'management' is said to be many things including 'freedom, democracy, good life, equal opportunity', all antonyms of enslavement. That's how we can work all those hours and never question why we have to, because we have been told the alternative is madness, violence, enslavement etc etc.
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