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the 'it' in bullshit
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Freedom from X vs Y
Sep 20, 2003, 19:33
It's my belief that in a very short time frame in human history our thought has devolved to a level of numb fear, and freedom is far too violent and alien a notion (the unquantifiable, it does not compute) for the great great majority of people. The remaining option is to choose the bully who rules your actions and most of your thoughts, lest as a free individual, someone threatened you and the state wasn't there, it;s like a protection racket, and capitalism is beating the commies, not unsurprisingly. It's still all too controlling for me. But I'm aware that I'm an abberation, as this discussion never goes anywhere. I sometimes cry with a weird kind of rage that I want to be a free person and be able to build my own house, and I KNOW I 'shouldn't' want that with such a passion. The only option I have is complete solitude, or shut up and join a game that I'm never going to win, but at least you're sitting at the table if you work hard enough. I also know I've been trained by the media to be afraid of people. I know that they too are trained to be afraid of their fellow citizens. There's no profit in unity, divide and conquer. I don't see this as some kind of paranoid 'masterplan', just the natural psychological evolution of an expansionist greed-based system of exploitation dressed as liberation from 'savagery'. The assumption that capitalism is keeping 'civilization' rolling along is nonsense. The psychologist we employ to unravel our daily stresses will not be automatically and mystically replaced by witch doctors just because we remove the reasons of the stress. I would argue that freedom is the most single terrifying concept to the modern mind. It immediately brings thoughts to violence. That's not because 'freedom' is any more violent than our current industrialized world , (we kill millions around the world yearly), it's just that we kid ourselves that we are 'civilised' because we have things like the police and mobile phones, when in truth, we are less civilised on account of our irrational fears, and limited to being consumers and producers in a bigger cage than we have been told that we deserve..
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