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Better than Capitalism
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morfe lux
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Better than Capitalism
Sep 09, 2003, 19:30
I've come to the conclusion that whilst 'trading' is fine, it's a shite way to run a government (no surprises there). It's also a shite 'be all and end all' monocular vision. So I would propose a non-governmental body to oversee government practices, to sever the ties from industry and maintain an open-door, open-conference, open-everything policy. Complete transparency. Trading needs to be governed, and the only way it can be sensibly governed is by an environmental agency with a tough policy, to police all manufacture and trading. In tandem would operate a fair trade body, that would ensure the harmony between Rights for the Planet, and Rights for People. I can't see how else we could progress?
Capitalism decrees that NO force be brought to bear on anyone unless they break the law. Well, that doesn't help the planet, or the small guy who can't afford the legal help he needs. So all LAW, ENVIRONMENTAL and FAIR TRADING initiatives should be met by the public purse, unless a country is developing a system of democracy, in which case it surely would need money to set it up. No natio-anal debts, they are stupid. And while I'm at it, no borders, one world, six billion souls, and endless diversity, under one rule; respect.


Another big stumbling block is the land ownership/real estate. Bring back common land with community initiatives to the fore?
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