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Dec 09, 2000, 19:05
Literally at the 11th hour , Leroy and his mum recieved a phone call from the LEA and the school asking for a meeting to which the response was that they did not want to go to the appeal court and as a result Leroy starts at the school next term . The school and the LEA are going to make all the necessary adaptions meaning that he will immediatly be able to go to 90% of classes to start with and then 100% in the very near future.As well as the responses via this site, the village had a petition resulting in only 1 person refusing to sign.It has to be said that the change in stance by the LEA came about because of the responses by all of us which warranted HTV to become interested and wanting to carry the story (at short notice) ; which seemed to prompt the bullies to repent which to me says that they had no courage of their conviction . Leroy and his family have asked me to express their gratitude to 1& all of you .The next stage is to move the process forward by making the case a prededent for the rest of the country to legally follow.To do this will require continued support from all of us.This has been instigated by the firm of solicitors in Bristol dealing with the case who have and will continue to secure Legal aid . ( Bobbitts Macann Solicitors ) Sorry to seem to advertise but this firm are socially orientated and anyone out there who needs help should contact them if they have problems against the establishment. After 5 years and a no bail straight to prison warrant against my wife and me for non payment (alleged) of council tax won and had £2000 remitted(we to are also taking the local authority further for distress and wasting public funds) Sorry for digressing!Personally i will say that seeing and reading the responses on this site brought me to tears .... THERE IS A WAY!!!!
Will keep u all informed . THANKYOU!!!!!

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