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November, not March
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Annexus Quam
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November, not March
Nov 12, 2000, 10:04
"... the threat of another petrol blockade in 60 days hangs over the entire tour, though I'm generally supportive of the whole thing. Sure, I know it was cynical hauliers who started all this off with their need for cheaper fuel, but the rumblings of discontent in the populace are louder than the minor earthquake the Midlands suffered last week. And look at punk for a parallel: a stiff like McLaren may have started it off for selfish reasons, but look who he brought down unintentionally and what sprung up in its place"

Is the march then going to unintentionally bring down the whole truck-driving rotten apparatus?

To start with, it has created a debate, plus mayhem and divisions in their own breed as well as another Blockade The Blockade.

"the rumblings of discontent in the populace" are a good sign of Nimby-ism, although I agree it is a short-sighted move by people fearing the loss of their jobs. In their minds is "Fuck the global issues".

Which means they feel abandoned by a government which will need to find what to do with them.
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