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You think you've got it bad?
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You think you've got it bad?
Nov 05, 2000, 18:38
Having spent the last to summers in Carnac all this talk of mismanagement of sites vandalism etc. Shit you should see Carnac. The Alignements are still surrounded by thier fences 7 years after the start of the 2 year recovery period. A sign promises that certain sections are open October-March, well I was there on October 15, 16 and 17th and I didn't spot no openness.
Similarly the Tumulus de St.Michel has been shut for a number of years for 'restoration work' however neither in 99 or 2000 or in 98 when I went to Carnac on holiday. Have I seen a single workman type.
The Tumulus de Moustoir has two chambers, both of which were accessible since the early part of this century and no damage had been done. Shit I've only ever seen about 3 other people at the site. However this June some men in Tractors mindlessly hacked all the vegetation from the tumulus and then first concreted in, and then welded shut a big, green, steel door over the entrance of the central chamber.
Last winter three stones of the alignements were toppled and the same tractors left tracks up to a foot deep in the ground that it supposed to be recovering...
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