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Annexus Quam
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Oct 08, 2000, 14:29
What you can do with a few pieces of wood is not much, and radiocarbon dating can be easily achieved without destroying the site. The more I hear about the Heritage Supremoes the more I realise they are only after material control and power shows.

It is still sad to see most sites neglected as regards their settings and environments. Last month I visited around 20 megalithic sites in an area the size of greater london and was not at all surprised to discover they all related to a huge and long ramp-like mother hill situated in a geographical centre. Every stone age site that I have visited in the past is located somewhere for a reason. And this is also part of the ancients' message. Landscape archaeology is seemingly still a fringe subject but there are more and more of us around.

Next time, think if there is a reason to get there, park your car next to it and take the photo. Personally, I have had the chance to visit sites in this way but refused; I wouldn't want to see them in the same light again. Be in the right frame of mind, a bit like listening to kluster or whatever. The ancients were great psychologists.

You have to atune to the landscape, intuit the ancients' game and arrive there in style.

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