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Best site visited 2017
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Best site visited 2017
Dec 31, 2017, 08:47
I know Carl normally puts this up so I hope he doesn't mind :-)

What are your favourite sites of the year folks?
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Edited Dec 31, 2017, 08:52
Re: Best site visited 2017
Dec 31, 2017, 08:48
My site of the year - Rudston Monolith
Tricky to pick as I’ve been lucky to visit some great sites this year. What can you say about this one, it puts the mega in megalithic. A must see site.

Adventure of the year - Dun Deardui
Great day out with Drew. Fantastic location. Good fun getting to this very tricky site.

Location of the year - Dun Bharpa
Nearly my favourite site but definitely my favourite location. Wow setting with the hills behind.

Peaceful site of the year - Borrowston Rig
Nice middle of nowhere feel. A place just to sit by on a warm day and have a little daydream.

Walk of the year – Loop round Cnoc Chaornaidh
Yes it was very wet under foot but this area is just crammed with Chambered Cairns. We visited 6 on this walk but you can keep going for another 2 or 3.

Revisit of the year - Jarlshof
Wonderful Jarlshof alongside Ness of Burgi and Old Scatness. Doesn’t get much better than this.

Mystery of the year - Cnoc Breac
I’d love to know what this site is. I know it’s a bit out of the way but if anyone is passing by, it would be great for someone else to have a look.

Site/fieldnotes/photos etc. posted on TMA that really make me what to visit - Boscawen-Un
The more photos I see of this one the more I need to visit. Such a long way though.

Hope everyone has a great 2018 :-)
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Re: Best site visited 2017
Dec 31, 2017, 10:33
That's quite a collection there T, I will read all the links a bit later.

My big highlight was the trip in May to Kilmartin Glen where the archaeological/rock art riches are almost too numerous to list, so many highlights. If I had to pick just one it would have to be Ormaig ...
Not least because the sun came out that day and lit everything up after what had until then been mostly misty and damp. Kilmartin Glen is a unique and wonderful place.
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Re: Best site visited 2017
Dec 31, 2017, 11:40
It has to be Bryn Cader Faner, literally crowning the horizon when first spotted in the distance after my usual wrong turning though Aikey Brae runs it close.
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Re: Best site visited 2017
Dec 31, 2017, 13:43
Been a poor year for me in many respects, with less day trips out than for pretty much any year for the last decade, very few mountains, no Scotland, and no days out with Chris, which rates as the biggest loss.

I've just done a quick count up though, and managed to visit about 130 sites (with groups of barrows counting as one), the majority of which I haven't been to before, including 10 stone circles that I haven't been to previously.

The best ones were probably:

Merrivale in January, on a lovely evening of low light: http://www.themodernantiquarian.com/site/18/plague_market_at_merrivale.html

A muddy trip to Dorset to three stone circles, two chambered tombs and my first bank barrow:

A beautiful spring Equinox trip to the Avebury landscape, with the highlight being the wonderful viewpoint cairn on Overton Down, which I revisited 6 months later:

The Cerrig Caerau and Lled Croen yr Ych stone circles and fabulous Yr Allor cairn in remote mid-Wales:

100 miles of coast path and some great chambered tombs on Ynys Mon, as well as lovely revisit to the Maen Hirion setting at Llanfechell:

A long trek to Nine Stones of Altarnun and Goodaver stone circles in a heat wave in June:

Finally getting to visit the fogous at Pendeen and Boleigh:

A very rewarding walk up Pen yr Ole Wen and Carnedd Dafydd in stunning scenery:

A long overdue trip to Duloe stone circle:

Wishing all on TMA the very best for 2018.
Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: Best site visited 2017
Dec 31, 2017, 14:32
A wee surprise run down to Kilmartin from an October holiday in Connel/ Oban.


Very pleasant tramp round Kerrera.


Too many sites to mention them individually but on the way back from Kilmartin I had a lovely stop at Kintraw for the first time in years.
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Re: Best site visited 2017
Dec 31, 2017, 15:40
St. Kilda - Lovers Rock (or Stone)

South West Harris - Dun Stuaidh

Friuli-Venezia Giulia - Slivia

Highlands - Dun Dearduil with the Thelonius's. Great day, great fun!

Hope you all have a great 2018.

The nice distillery in Tarbert, Isle Of Harris sells beautiful gin so the glass is filled and raised your way :-)
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Re: Best site visited 2017
Dec 31, 2017, 16:52
Some wonders there, brilliant. And I hope you get to Boscawen-un sometime, it is a very lovely site.
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Re: Best site visited 2017
Dec 31, 2017, 17:00
Having to prioritise between paying bills and feeding my children or going out seeing stoones has seriously curtailed my travels this year. So I have tried to make every trip count,

Grey hill stone circle

Spring equinox at Tre'r Cieri

The quartz standing stone of Waun Lydan and Pen Maen Wern

Whinny hill four poster and the ace rock art of Ketley crag

Summer solstice at my beloved Hafodygors wen

A slight summer holiday in lovely Aberdeenshire, Glassel, the Esslies, Garrol wood but Image wood was the first one and that sticks with me most

Autumn equinox sunrise at Castlerigg followed by a long awaited return to Brats hill, white moss, and low longrigg.

Winter solstice in the Peak district. It's always great finding something you previously couldnt.

Hopefully next year i'll get to a few more that have so far eluded me.
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Re: Best site visited 2017
Dec 31, 2017, 17:50
I seem to have spent most of the summer/Autumn working on sites, so for me it has to be the henged Stripple Stones on Bodmin Moor that undertook a part rebuild that we were invited to, to help out in a small way. The small way was to rediscover three buried ring stones and to have the immense pleasure of seeing one of them re-erected amongst the seven that were in total. It looks fabulous now as aside from the stones being re-erected, the stone wall that had been built through part of the circle was taken down and re-built outside of it to match the curve of the circle.
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