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Amendment 67
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Amendment 67
Nov 28, 2017, 12:52
Support Rescues Open Letter


Here is a link to Rescue, historical one of the UKs most important organizations in creating legalization to protect historic and prehistoric archaeology, sites and towns-capes.

Whatever views may be held on Brexit per se, I think people reading hear all have a concern to ensure that the UK doesn't lose its good standards of heritage protection - specifically the Principle that the funding to mitigate impacts of modern development should originate from the developer- as either part of the overall project cost (as currently done here) or even via central bodies funded by 'development levies' (as done some other countries).

It is not a perfect system granted - leaving the funding of heritage in the hands of commercial managers and accountants has its own special problems. But we need to start somewhere, and our current system could work well enough of the Quality of Commercial Archaeological work is sufficient, and the process open enough for experts and public alike to be satisfied...that perhaps is a longer fight :/

Please read the open letter from Rescue, and I hope you agree that UK heritage probably is better off with 'polluter pays' principle than without.

(unless we Nationalize the whole thing somehow - but that is maybe a different issue...)


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