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"Living with the Gods" - Neil MacGregor
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david gregg
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Re: "Living with the Gods" - Neil MacGregor
Nov 22, 2017, 14:21
Hello. The interest in light and specifically sunrise is ubiquitous. Can I recommend 'The Crystal Sun' and 'Egyptian Dawn' by Robert Temple. If you are willing to be patient these large books contain gems of information. For example Temple describes the site of Mezorah in Morocco, a huge megalithic ellipse. I analysed it and found great similarities to European sites ...and an emphasis on sunrise. Temple says the name means 'from the sunrise'. Strangely nearby is the ancient town called Lixus by the Romans. However I found that the old Berber name was 'Maqum Semes' which means Station of the Sun. (In modern Arabic maqum is connected with mathematical musical theory).

As for Japan the Jomon people predated the arrival of the Japanese, probably by millennia. Their stone 'circles' are based on classical megalithic geometry again familiar from Europe. I have analysed 4 of the largest myself. It is uncanny. The gods spoke to many peoples in the same geometrical terms
which they then used to define (and worship?) the movements of the Sun God!

Professor D P Gregg (retired)

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