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Re: Coate, Possible Cursus / Coate, Monument Group
Sep 28, 2017, 13:21
Thank you for your message.

From an archaeologist who worked on the site:

"That is sad to hear - I met many of the residents near the new development in 2014.

The whole thing leaves a very bitter taste at many levels - in fact if it was not for the genuinely interesting archaeology (rather than run-of-the-mill stuff) i would prefer to forget about it all too.

This is/was a rich area of archaeology; heritage for Swindon to really get its teeth into - however, evidence for some of the best bits is far more partial that it could have been under 21st c. methods, knowledge and policies.

There are traceable errors tracked from the Consultants, County, and Contractors > this should not be allowed to happen again."

There is a much more interesting story of Swindons prehistory than is presently being told - the current evidence clearly indicates this. It is important that this perspective is promoted publicly for leverage to be brought on Developers/Planning/Consultants.

Please get in touch; the Facebook page "Common Head" was set up in 2014 whilst trying to get a better level of archaeological work done at the site. It could be used informally to co-ordinate local activity on this issue.
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