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Rings of Stone (1979)
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: Rings of Stone (1979)
Aug 17, 2017, 21:42
I really admire the spartan, determined, maverick stance of Alexander Thom (who reminds me of Hugh MacDiarmid) but I relish Burl's lack of hesitation in doubting Thom's Megalithic Yard and also how Burl rebuked the long drag from Preseli with a few well chosen words. I love that merciless puncturing of theories formulated through years of thankless, dusty mathematical torment and years of tramping and measuring in steadily falling rain. Burl dismissed Thom's Yard as "a grotesque statistical misconception". Such debates remind me, in the kindest way possible, of the extended footnotes regarding De Selby's works and theories in "The Third Policeman".

Burl still found a lot to write about in his books. And he wrote a lot of books. Don't get the one about Catallus. I've got the Carnac-Callanish one and Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany. We need guys like Burl as well as the Thom's.
I'm afraid the professional TV archaeo-pundits and careerists cannae really hold a light to those big boys.

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