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Places of worship
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Evergreen Dazed
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Places of worship
Aug 01, 2017, 13:37
Just a thought really, and it ties in to some extent with an earlier conversation about interpersonal violence, but is there any reason not to interpret the people who built the major wessex monuments, for example, as members of an authoritarian, elitist, dictatorial, religious cult?
It seems a far more likely scenario to me than any idea of a 'Golden age'.
I understand it might not be a particularly pleasant thing to think about if you like visiting these places (as I do). And from that thought, is part of our fascination with prehistoric archaeology merely tied up in the rare luxury of being able to project thoughts, dreams or ideas onto what is largely a blank canvas? Why did what we might call the 'new age' movement adopt these places? Especially when they have so many similarities to christian places of worship?

I'm typing quickly, short on time, would have preferred to explain my thoughts more thoroughly, but i'm sure you get the drift. thought it might make for a decent discussion.

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