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Help, How to add a site
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Re: Help, How to add a site
Jun 12, 2017, 18:44
TMA Ed wrote:
tiompan wrote:
TMA Ed wrote:
Thank you both for pointing that out. I've unlocked the main areas under Denmark so you can add places from your recent trip. Let me know if any other problems arise.

How can I "add" a new region to the Denmark page , or is it staring in me face ?

Hi Tiompan,

I've added the five regions now, they should be available for you to add content. We'll need to tidy up a bit as Jutland isn't a region, so the sites under that will need moving to their respective regions.

Let me know of any problems.


Thanks Ed .
The area I was thinking of was Bornholm , an island in the Baltic usually considered as a regional municipality . Closer to Sweden and quite distinct. Any suggestions what region it should be associated with if not granted a regional status ?

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