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Uploading photos
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Re: Uploading photos
May 20, 2017, 06:25
There are many factors in choosing the best camera and as normal its horses for courses really.
These days camera technology has moved on so much that you can can buy good quality compact camera with multiple functions that just sit in your pocket and you don't know its there. My little go anywhere/do anything camera is the Panasonic FT5. It has a quality Leica lens, great zoom function and is drop and water proof. It also has a limited manual mode allowing me to take styled pictures if i can be bothered to set it up. The only thing it doesn't do is shoot RAW images so all photos are pre-processed into JPGs.
By resizing an JPG image you will lose quality you can't get away from it so when you resize it again you lose even more quality. My view is that if ,as is likely, your camera images are too big for TMA and will need to be resized then think ahead a little when taking pictures you may want to upload if you want to retain their quality.
If you know you have to reduce the image size by say a third to upload them then try to get the subject matter in a third of the photo and then crop the image around the subject matter (MS picture manager can do this) This can be done by using the wide angle function if the camera has one or by standing further away (both of which are not always possible) Cropping will both retain the original quality a reduce the need for large scale resizing. However, it is a bit of a faff and may not appeal to everybody.
Three things to remember about image quality though is that it depends on your camera sensor type (this is surprising limited though), on your lens quality (these are often compromised on compact cameras) and lastly on how the image is processed from the RAW (RAW images allow you to adjust you image before processing).
A larger sensor format camera with quality lenses, shooting in RAW will always be better than a cheap compact camera but as it has been said, who wants to lug a ton of equipment around with them when you just want a nice picture of where you have been...hence the FT5.

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