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Edited May 17, 2017, 13:59
Re: Detectorists
May 17, 2017, 13:41
Howburn Digger wrote:
given the programme's contentious nature among some on here

Actually, I praised it a lot, on several occasions, but I also complained about several damaging messages. Seems fair. In particular, the lack of a clear message about recording finds.

As for lyrical songs, here's something that would do more good (although once again I'll be accused of being a "spoilsport" and conducting a "moral vendetta". (I don't give a toss, it's a brilliant programme giving some bad messages and I'm blowed if I'll pretend otherwise to avoid nonsense on here...)

"Here I lie, no longer flesh or even dust.
Yet here I lie, in signs that tell
That once there was a man
Like you. Who lived and laughed.
I am no less than you, for having gone,
Nor are my rights the less.
I am a man like you and ask
Only that my life is not denied.
Yet here you dig, in blind and selfish haste,
Smashing every clue but one
Because it glints a little
And feeds your avaricious taste.
Now, that is all I am,
That bling within your grubby palm.
What now? What will you do
To save me from oblivion?
Take it home in secret? Make it shine?
Show it to your mates with swelling pride?
Claim a right to hoard a husk of history
As if to say that history is yours to hide?"

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