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Why posting fake coordinates?
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Re: Why posting fake coordinates?
May 24, 2017, 08:42
GLADMAN wrote:
Hi SoS

I hadn't yet signed up to TMA when Tommy Leggy (top avatar, that) made these Italian posts... but I recall thinking "Wow, but he's from Yorkshire... why aren't Italians doing this?"

But the point is Cope's vision - as I understand it - is basically inclusive of anyone who gives a damn about who we are as a species - worldwide. If you have better, local knowledge of Italian sites please share it. Better still, build upon Tommy's fieldwork and help visitors get to experience Italy's prehistoric treasures.

Here in Italy it's very difficult to find information about the engravings, may be to protect them from vandalism acts.
Nonetheless I've got to find some of these encrypted stones and others I hope to find soon. I've already posted the right coordinates for the "Grande Roccia" and soon I think that I will post these of "Roccia del Dolmen" or "Dolmen della Biscia" as is named on this site, because i've already found some engraved stones near to it and i think it's question of few days to find also the others. More difficult seems to find the "Pietra Scritta", altough i've found very much informations about, that leads all to a precise site (the spring of the rio Traversa), in this site there's nothing...

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