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Feb 20, 2017, 13:39
My world seems to be ruled by synchronicity these days to the extent I can hardly think of anything else. A lot of my circumstance, dates and numerology seem to point to me being some kind of druidic priestess, and I can hardly believe it, either that or I'm deluded.

I was born in 1969 in New Mills, Derbyshire as Sean Bond (444 in Numerology) and at the age of 7 I had an accident where I fractured my skull and was unconscious for an undetermined period of time. Whilst I was recuperating I became interested in transvestism a pursuit that haunted most of my formative years with shame and guilt. I went to Surrey to study Computer Science and since have had a very nomadic existence floating around the UK from Job to Job, Southampton, Cambridge, Petersfield just a few places of note.

Around the age of 40 I was living in Guildford, working on a Surveillance system where I just became very averse to the work I've been doing and decided to just give work up altogether. Then at age 40 I decided to become a woman and started on steps to transition, the name I chose was Sarah Ann Bond (666 in Numerology).

Anyway a point during my transition I moved to Macclesfield into one of a twin tower block there (Range court), I was on floor 11(64) and had a domestic incident with my room mate and I moved to the other tower (Pennine court) on floor 7 (42). I've been atheist most of my life, hence nonspiritual but I became very interested in the layout of my column of flats all being multiples of 6. The guy below me in 6(36) never opened his curtains and the guy above in 8(48) never closed his and seemed to mirror my movements in my flat and the flat above him 9(54) always had their two room light on all the time.

After viewing the Economist cover from 2016/2017 I had a spiritual awakening and had this idea they were planning to destroy my block in some kind of 9/11 type way. Anyway I avoided being in my flat on certain dates adnd I eventually moved out to a number 17 on 16/1/2017 and my synchronicity is off the charts.

At first I turned to Christianity but then dismissed it since most believers seemed to take the tome literally and hence were to me some kind of death cult trying to precipitate the apocalypse. I discover gnosticism and am very interested in the true story of the Britons, not this Pharaonic fiction we g et in academia.

Anyway inspired by my favourite book as a child "The Weirdstone of Brisingamen" on the 17/2/2016 at midnight I performed some rite at Cleulow Cross, in Wincle Cheshire involving my blood, Wizard Well water from Alderley Edge and the charm of making spell I'd heard in the 1981 film Excalibur. It's like I get Idea manifesting in my mind, not voices, to do these very odd things.

Anyway I'd appreciate you to not judge me as a Kook, I'm just trying to figure things out but seem to get silence and obfuscation from everyone. I'm also a massive Krautrock fan, Amon Duul II and La Dusseldorf amongst my favourites. I'll add lastly that I'm also a Fall fan and certain lyrics to his songs seem rather portentous to my recent discoveries.

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