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antiquarianism vs archaeology
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antiquarianism vs archaeology
Oct 24, 2002, 14:10
Got to get this off me chest.
My perception of this place is an antiquarian forum as opposed to an archaeological forum.
I see the difference as being this,
We are not archaeologists or scientists, we are continuing the long tradition of antiquarianism.
We uphold the same traditions as Stukely or Camden. We visit, we observe, we feel, we research and gather folk lore, and then we share our observations and deductions.
Dowsing, ley lines and all of the other techniques that are regarded as on the margins of conventional archaeology are valid, although individuals may pour scorn on these methods, the results from these techniques are adding to our total knowlege of a place.
there thats my rant over..I'm off to me oil rig now, so I'll see y'all in three weeks.
love and life
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