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Too good to miss?
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: Too good to miss?
Feb 26, 2012, 20:36
thesweetcheat wrote:
Excellent. With you all the way on this one. There are a number of absolutely top blog sites run by enthusiasts that have done similar things (i.e working on vinyl to produce high-quality digital recordings) when the record company has no interest in doing so.

In the case of one Very Well Known band (at least they are these days)with a deceased lead singer, a blogger's work on remastering some vinyl tracks was so good that the band and record company sent him some unreleased tapes so that he could work on them (which was then officially released).

I know that very blogger you mean and it has been a true labour of love and sterling work the guy(s) have done. And done for nothing but the glory of the music and to provide a proper legacy long denied by shameless record companies. I paid good money for all of that band's vinyl as it came out. Then along came the CD and the boxset and the endless repackaging. The H&S boxset was a shambles, a rip-off and sounded worse than the TDK D90 cassettes for my car which I'd taped from my original vinyl releases and boots. The way which many record companies treat fans is appalling - and such shabby treatment paints a vulgar picture of some really honest bands too, as greedy record companies re-package overly-compressed, cheap third-generation transcriptions to keen fans eager to revive their thirty year old collections. Collections that have already been paid for a few times over as format-hungry completists satiate their need - it is not any record company or artist that is being ripped-off here...

The same bunch of music enthusiasts to whom you refer are currently about halfway through a charming recycling of the singles output of another band from the same city. Aside from the wondrous approach to the process of re-mastering the music, I love the chronological detail and the sublime attention to packaging... it's a fan thing.

Let us rip...
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