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Too good to miss?
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Re: Too good to miss?
Feb 22, 2012, 20:46
thesweetcheat wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
Does it matter if you can get your hands on all of them for the price of a pint? Those I've looked through so far which interest me have been 1990's throught to mid 2000 ....

That rather depends on your point of view perhaps. Surely these must be copyrighted? I'd be absolutely pissed off if I'd written a book and found it was on something like this without either my or my publisher's knowledge.

Sounds very dubious to me Roy, sorry to be grumpy about it.

Well this is what he says so he's putting his head on the line if he's being less than truthful. Maybe things change when your printed book goes to ebook status

'Disclaimer to Ebay and to any other interested parties! This item is being sold in line with all Ebay rules and all legal regulations regarding the sale of DVDr. I can confirm that I am legally permitted to sell this item on Ebay as I hold the Copyright'

Yes of course it matters if you're being ripped off and I've written enough of them to know how books are passed around, but if the claim is correct then fair enough.

Anyway the link is there in my first post to question this bloke directly if that is what stopping some from buying. If he is telling the truth then you are missing out on a great deal so check him out.
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