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The Ridgeway Pilgrimage (Sacred Way) *UPDATE*
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Andrew Joseph
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Edited Feb 14, 2012, 18:50
The Ridgeway Pilgrimage (Sacred Way) *UPDATE*
Jan 25, 2012, 11:19
Hi thanks for continued input from everyone, Have been busy following up links and issues raised here and elsewhere. Have decided to concentrate on the stretch of The Ridgeway between Streatly and Avebury for the purpose of the research, and look to extending if this initial stretch proves popular (Idealy would love to follow this line of Chalk between The Wash (Sea Henge?) and Lyme Regis (entry point for Breaker People?) any further thoughts?

Plotting the route now (linking in to issues of accommodation and water) and linking to meditations using the the Hill "forts" along the way as stopping points... (my understanding is that they were originally more likely used as centers of celebration rather than for defense? (Would appreciate more on this)

Again thanks to all of you for your input and emails very much appreciated.

If anyone is interested in pilgrimage in the UK Avebury gets a good mention on the Beyond Belife podcast of 30.1.12


Hi there and thanks for a wonderful forum ful of interesting links and discussions.... and thanks to Julian for the Modern Antiquarian :-) (and fried :-)

I am a (mature) student at Berkshire College of Agriculture studying for my Diploma in Countryside Management.

I am carrying out an independent study looking at the feasibility of increasing the numbers of people making a long distance journey by foot along the Ridgeway (a pilgriimage). The aim of the research is to produce a set of recommendations that would sustainably increase the numbers of people walking the Ridgeway (particularly those from overseas).

My interest in the subject stems from my own love of walking the Ridgeway and all I have learned from that experience and my experiences walking the Camino to Santiago de Compostella in Northern Spain.

I am am well into my research schedual now and have met many wonderfull and enthusiastic people which has led to the project widening into my writing a "mindfull" guidebook to walking The Ridgeway from The Goring Gap to Avebury (taking in the new Great Stones Way walk as it is opened.

I want to attract as wide a range as possible of interested people to this project and would welcome any thought opinions on the tradition of walking pilgrimage (I use the word without any particularly Christian connotations) or on the spiritual aspects of The Ridgeway or any of the associated sites along its route. I can provide access to my research proposal online but would also welcome discussion on here or by email (andybca@applemoon.co.uk)or phone

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind regards

Andrew Joseph
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