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Re: Time Team 2012 - "cliche-ridden pap"
Feb 10, 2012, 21:18
I'd like to see a new short series, all about rock art, with Phil dragging Brian Sewell up windy hillsides to express the latter's opinion on what the carvings are all about, whilst the former got to express his opinion of Mr Sewell's musings, punctuated by waving a trowel and gesticulating wildly. An added feature would be with a sort of X-factor phone-in vote from the audience each week, whereupon if the viewing public weren't convinced by Brian's blethering, then Phil would be entitled to not give Brian a lift back home until he'd successfully created a scale replica of Achnabreck made from plasticine. If by the end of the series, the public vote was in favour of Brian's musings, the Phil would be duty bound to declare Mr Sewell the king of the cup marks, and organise a parade down Kilmartin Glen, with Brian being borne aloft on a freshly knapped flint palanquin.

Or maybe Mark Thomas on Thornborough? Or Chris Morris let loose to do an account of the future of EH? Perhaps Vic & Bob's Neolithic Follies (Live! From a henge near you!).

Whicheverway, it would be nice to see some good innovative telly archeology. The best thing I've seen recently was the one about Stenness, but whilst a fine show, with much ooh-ing and ahh-ing from me, it was a bit of a dull format.
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