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[OT] Words of advice for legitimate posters
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[OT] Words of advice for legitimate posters
Jun 06, 2010, 13:23
Trolls come to forums for entertainment. The internet is just a playground to them and anything can and will be said by them.

Attaching normal social morays to troll posts is a foolish practice. It is very important to remember they will deliberately attempt to wind up marks by any means and if a mark isn't prone to anger they will instead attempt to discredit their arguments.

Other popular tactics include
- acting the victim especially if attacked back or called out as a troll
- agreeing with some posters to drive a rift in a normally passive forum
- circular logic and logical fallacies ie X is true therefore Y must be
- grouping with other trolls, each playing a different yet complimentary role eg agitator and supporter or victim and white knight.

Two methods work against trolls, agressive forum moderation and passive user blanking. On TMA, do not feed the trolls is by far the best advice.

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