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Duck Call
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Arbor Low
Aug 16, 2000, 21:28
I've just posted a link in the TMA section for something you should check out. In "Alistair's Stone Circles Of Derbyshire", THEEE man Alistair, has created a reconstruction of what Arbow Low might have looked like when the stones were still standing, simply by measuring each one and returning them to their original post-holes. Man, it's FUCKING FAR OUT.

This was particularly resonant with me as I recently went there with my parents, in a doomed attempt to turn them on to this stuff after I made them watch the TMA programme (which they really dug).

This guy's reconstruction is spectacular and puts Arbow Low in a new perspective. It's hard to go there and imagine the stones erect. It blows a fucking gale out there and it's difficult to concentrate. He also covers many other sites in Derbyshire and I freaked when I saw them; I could always deal with the mystery of Avebury and/or Stonehenge because they're far enough away from my home, But Arbor Low is 40 minutes out of my home town [Sheffield] and the surrounding land of Eyam Moor, Froggatt Edge and Barbrook is shot through with ancient intervention and definitely demands closer inspection, even if it is just through Alistair's 3D models of his nu-topian Arbow Low.

See ya!


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