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The Measure of Albion: Robin Heath & John Michell
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Edited Feb 13, 2010, 17:45
Re: The Measure of Albion: Robin Heath & John Michell
Feb 13, 2010, 17:44
Littlestone wrote:
faerygirl wrote:
The View over Atlantis

Measure of Albion- The lost Science of Prehistoric Britain

How the World is Made- Sacred Geometry

Read 'em and be AMAZED!

Yes, I have a lot of respect for Robin Heath; I remember sitting on the grass with him, and a few others, in Avebury back in 1997; his book A Key to Stonehenge had already been out for five years and he was talking about some of his ideas advanced in that - impressive.

Will check out The Measure of Albion ( http://www.matrixofcreation.co.uk/Measure_Of_Albion.htm ). Thanks.

Gotta say ,I'm almost certainly in the minority and maybe the only one posting here who found most of that stuff great fun when it was written but it didn't take long to discover much of it is whimsy .Having said that there is no doubt it captured the imagination and without it there probably wouldn't be quite the interest in ,particularly , the monumental aspects of prehistory that has led to the creation of this and similar sites . Grabs hard hat and coat .
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