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Archaeo College Courses
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Archaeo College Courses
Jul 20, 2000, 11:19
Does anyone know of any good post-graduate/masters courses in archaeology?

I've been pootling around sites up and down the country for years now, and I'm gradually getting a feel for my stone,iron and bronze ages, different kinds of barrows etc, but I want to get a fuller picture ...

... some might say that a college course will give a distorted view, but what wouldn't? I like to have *some* idea of what I'm on about :-)

The OU is pretty useless in this respect ... Reading Uni seems to have a reasonable dept (they're quite big on Roman stuff :-), what with Silchester nearby ... worth a visit, especially for the totally intact ampitheatre, if nothing else)

does anybody have any views/experience about this ... I'm quite serious, and would be really pleased to hear what people say ...



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