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Hambledon Childe
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Jul 16, 2000, 11:47
Dear all

I am writing this to all of you as a plea for help. I n my local paper the blackmore vale news I read the following article which made my blood boil, not only due to the content, but from the area that I live where there is a lot of sacred sites. I'm worried that such ignorance in this area could lead to the destruction of marker stones and such like in the surrounding area of which there are many.

well here it is!

T binks of Kingston Magna
Hitsthe nail right on the head
When he says Stonehenge is
And cold, remote and dead.

There's a group of people trying
To see how the stones were wrought
But I wish they'd work out how to send
Them back whence they were bought.

Or instead of costly tunnels
A deep trench could be dug
Into which those boring stones
Could be toppled, dead and snug

No need for pseudo Druids
To cavort at solstice time
Or hippies and their unwashed ilk
To dance their pantomime

Remove the cause of traffic jams
Diversions, hold ups, groans
Save the eight hundred million pounds
And stuff those useless stones!
P Walker, Sherbourne

See what i mean could anyone help me with a powerful reply or better still swamp the office with mail, here's the address

The Editor
Blackmore Vale Publishing Co.
High Street
DT10 2LH

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