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Jul 09, 2000, 20:16
Just got back from Silbury, and wondering what the latest is, as we camped in the car park last night and the security guy left at about 9.30; at about 10-ish, my husband said people were at the top making loads of noise, but I couldn't be persuaded out of my sleeping bag. Some time later, as I was drifting asleep, I heard a tambour or somesuch, sounded like it was right near our camper, but as soon as I came awake, it stopped. We hardly slept all night, I felt very weird, almost hallucinatory, and at one point we looked out and the landscape seemed to be awash with luminescence (not the moon!), everywhere just glowed with an unearthly (?) light. Also, I had a strong sense that a section of the top of my skull had been removed and a force was being drained through the hole in my head, it was very peculiar and yet I felt no desire to wake fully and end this feeling. Does anyone know what I mean? There was no guard in the norning, just mist, and as we drove past West Kennet longbarrow, we got a blow-out, and were screwed for the rest of the day - is Ma trying to tell us something?

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