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Overwhelmed! (All Too Soon)
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Annexus Quam
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Overwhelmed! (All Too Soon)
Jul 07, 2000, 19:21
In our rush to a globalized coca-cola-dazed out-phased mind-fuck, we may be forgiven (!) when we live across the Atlantic and have bugger-all the connaissance of the earth’s heritage and her peoples. But being in the Eurasian part of the world, it is our duty to know each other and ourselves, and our common heritage and similarities will suddenly be very much in evidence. Perhaps the ignoramus is our greatest enemy alien and once ostracized (s)he will follow the trail of the all-encompassing local/global majority, as (s)he always does whenever trends and fashions are involved. In the search for ancient and local lore, it is sometimes hard to find what you are looking for. So it comes as a big surprise to find the answer in the Unexpected, as it happened to me last week. Stumbling upon a Head of Megalithic interest in a remote corner of the Pyrenees/Ur-Ur-Ur-Ancient Basque region when I was least expecting it, I am in need of serious treatment before I melt out of sheer excitement. He’s done hundreds (yes!) of stone circles, dolmens, menhirs and barrows which leave the Modern Antiquarian gasping. And all in peaceful mountainscape. And all away from Snivilisation. And all in a remote region of Western Europe, reknowned for its uniqueness and unknown in its pre-European origins, similar to the Caucasus. In one country, Caucasians is the name given to an abstraction called the WASP and the real Caucasians are completely ignored. I watch the Ku Klux Kleenex from above with a big smile on my face and in blissful sneering pseudo-peace mood say to them: “FUCK YOU”. Ignorance of our culture is not considered cool.

Anyone who knows about megalithia on either side of the Pyrenees please contact me. I have just returned from there and in a couple of days I am back there again, and maybe even move there for a while later on. Home is where the heart is and an alien land is the one inhabited by the city dweller, the narrow-minded and Thatcherite Tarts.

Gimme Mother Hill Puddings.

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