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Time and the Gavrinis
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Time and the Gavrinis
Jun 25, 2000, 12:41
Bit of a megolith obsessive myself, I lived in Pembrokeshire and looked at the cromlechs out there, and I live about 15 miles from Avebury now. I spent Easter marvelling at Carnac, not least the carvings in the Dolmen in that area, particularly the Gavrinis. It all just left me wondering if much of it is about time... Time it takes to order, carve, organise, create. I think the act of worship is not merely the ritual but the devotion of time from the lives of the worshippers. Looking at the artifacts, the perfect but practically useless small stone axes of Carnac museum...it's about the gift of time the people spent creating the objects, dolmen, etc. not merely the creation of the monuments themselves... In a civilisation when the currency has to be tangible, isn't time the only constant? Not sure I'm getting my point over or making sense. Anyone any comments?
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