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Avebury vs Stonehenge
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Duck Call
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Avebury vs Stonehenge
Jun 06, 2000, 21:16
Just been reading the gazetteer posts for Avebury, and the most recent one, by mort, got me thinking:

You know how the rest of the world thinks that Stonehenge is more impressive than Avebury, better in some way, maybe it's because Avebury has been domesticated by humans... ie lived in... maybe it's like a looking at what would be a great photo if you didn't have your thumb encroaching in on one side of it.

I mean I know it's partially destroyed but it's so difficult to imagine Avebury without the village in it, without the distractions and obstructions, to get a sense of how big the place is and just how fuck-right-off it really is. Maybe that's why we've got Stonehenge as our 'most-interesting-relic-of-a-time-before-now' instead; it stands pretty much alone - even the god-awful visitors centre doesn't spoil the view when you're actually at the circle - quite thoughtfully placed in fact!

Probably just as well with the current Silbury situ that Avebury is 2nd on the list to Stonehenge for tourists etc... if problems with the hole persist I reckon we should all get down there, form a human-chain around her and have a good-old planetary sit-in. No climbing! Not even to admire the rare fauna!
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