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Hiro Yanagida in Japrock sampler
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Edited Dec 29, 2017, 17:24
Hiro Yanagida in Japrock sampler
Dec 29, 2017, 16:22
I’m totally biased because his stuff my fav, but I was kind of left hanging waiting for a chapter, or more than a paragraph on Hiro Yanagida in japrock sampler. I wasn’t expecting to see food brain (the record that first turned me on to this Japanese movement) in the “avoid” section. I get that some of it is super loose and seems chaotic, but in contrast with those sweet and soft moments, it’s totally effective and jaw dropping. there’s some days I can’t help but shake around to the hot mess. Waltz for m.p.b bmakes me feel like I’m flying, and his harpsichord tracks swell me with emotions. I don’t know if I’m missing context or knowledge, but to me these records are prime cuts! I can see the Zappa blueprint yeah yeah, but the music is so bright and unrestricted. Happy/ sorry is so carefree and floating ( yes floating as an adjective :) ) And I don’t even wanna get started on Hirocosmos. So good and smooth and funky and that overdrive moment in the first song aaah wow wee. Cruisin underwater, whirring past glowing fish like street lights (how it makes me feel). And only a mere mention of Apryl fool being ahead of the curve of group sounds. This man was sprinkled in this book so many times that I anticipated he have a chapter devoted him, or at least a proper kudos for a sound that without a doubt propelled Japanese pyschedelia. Anyways that’s just my opinion and excuse for ranting about it. Besides that i learned more than I hoped to from this book. Thank all of y’all for existing and making a space where I can contemplate kewl tunes.
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