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Everyone ok out by London?
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Edited Sep 01, 2017, 01:08
Re: Everyone ok out by London?
Sep 01, 2017, 00:29
Professionals are working on it with their satellites that they have,
May I be the first internet nutter to say
This is just a cynical marketing ploy on the part
Of the studio in charge of Deadpool 2

because "hashtag driveby" is somehow a thing now


fake £500 posting intense internet awareness

it's too far away from the Isle of Wight to be a David Icke false flag, maybe they had to vent because somebody had burnt the chips?

Maybe it was a Grenfell sympathy fume?

Maybe it was an EU Bonfire of the Regulations?

Maybe it was a Russian Gulag?

Maybe it was your mum in the future?

Maybe it was a 4D cinema advert for Campari partnering with BASF, they run telly adverts now, refer to Deadpool 2 reference.

Maybe it was a Bannon Ship, its records to be undisclosed, only to be read by Nick Stahl.

The truth is, we just don't know.

Maybe it was Travis Schlanicks last goodbye

Maybe it was the world's most successful tramp, farting more commonly

Maybe it was the spirit of Ghandi, and a quantum entanglement of water molecules?

Maybe it was a Guardian think piece that had somehow distilled itself into pure unbreathable atmospheres.

Maybe it was a self-driving boat that had been hacked by the Syrian Twitter Army

Maybe it was the result of an "on a long enough timeline, everything becomes a separated at birth private eye aside" fucks sake at least it wasn't nuclear waste! Jesus Christ, have you seen what they do with that!?

Maybe if I cover all of the bases I will appear as clever as Jon Oliver and adopt his haircut :PPP

joke: what do you call an airborne ordinance delivery vehicle with sub 39% success ratio?

A Patchy Helicopter

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