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A Bannon Ship
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Edited Jul 01, 2017, 22:10
Re: A Bannon Ship
Jul 01, 2017, 21:51
only if your toilet is for some reason in the centre of your bathroom, though I've just realised you can simulate the experience by putting every mix channel through a sin(channel_number) phased tremelo with a +- pitch shifter applied to the left and right respectively, if bouncing to stereo.

I didn't tell you about my first Golden Sunrise tomato did I? We had a bit of a downpour here recently so the first of these ripening split on account of the water uptake, and when I looked at the blossom end there were three distinct white lines eminating from the center outwards at 120 degrees each (I didn't get a protractor out or anything I just cut it in half and shared it with the mrs - tasted like a tomato, funnily enough. Yes, we single handedly defeated the rise of fascism in Greece with our mouths).

I've forgotten how to manage my imaginary rotating speaker band called Cosmetic Weekend, though the first imaginary NME review is in:

"Like The Darkness performing Down covers with medically significant vitamin B deficiency."

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