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Bring back....
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Re: Bring back....
Jun 09, 2017, 18:52
spencer wrote:
Um..OKish ta, sorry for delayed reply... coulda died from the bloodpoisoning/sepsis from cracked tooth that went undiagnosed for m o n t h s despite inumerable tests, xrays and headscan - trying not to grrr - and sent me half loopy...muthas been taken out three weeks back, an interesting experience due to abnormally long root nudging sinus and sending infection thataway, getting strength back now. Divorce underway: another interesting experience, probably brought to head by me being half out of box through bleeding tooth, but that's life...found myself a nice little house with horses in field and farm outside front door, hoping to complete asap, have a nice leftie ladyfriend from innernet as seems to be the way these days, am working seven days a week but pacing myself to catch up, still getting recommended to people so full book without advertising...glass half full sums it up. Just glad to be breathing really. May even get back to archaeo fieldwalking soon when or if other stuff subsides (!)...and boy do I have some nice things under my hat, straight up. Rambler mate's going to show me some great unrecorded stuff too..I'm going to do the GPSing and reporting, TMA'll get first dibs once signed off. Life ain't dull :)

Ah may you live in interesting times Spencer. Glad muthas have been sorted & you're gonna live a while yet. Glad glass half full. Hope you didn't make any delirious decisions..still that's life, full of delirious decisions eh? Those who live by the sword...etc etc.
What am I on about? Who knows, least of all me. Just glad you're keeping on. I wanna live on the Isle of Stroma, so what do I know:)

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