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Re: Detectorists
May 19, 2017, 22:16
All sounds like good precedure.

Not much detectoring in these parts. The native Californians existed happily as a stone culture for ten thousand years till the Spanish arrived. Even the exact location of most their villages is unknown. As they preferred places with water and lots of food, the sites were favored by the newcomers who soon bulldozed any remains. The land in LA and the surrounding valleys was especially rich in food, well watered and supported the most dense native population in North America. The fertile conditions were great for the European's agriculture, who were later surprised and even more blessed to find huge oil fields beneath it.

In Northern California a particularly shameful extermination was carried out during the gold rush. The native environment was destroyed by the mining and a living could be made by the state condoned collecting of scalps. I'm just reading about the last one called Ishi. He died soon after he was taken in by Berkeley university early in the last century.

Bit of a diatribe, I should have probably taken it next door.

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