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Anti Fridgeism
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Re: Anti Fridgeism
May 26, 2017, 23:59
Alexander G.,the medical and spiritual relevance as well as the fact our british ancestors would have used them,2017-05-25 12:22:08
Natasha L.,"I would like to believe that they legalise magic mushrooms, all Psychedelics should be legalised that's what I strongly believe",2017-05-25 10:20:21
Sahir,I'm signing because I truly believe in what the petetion entails. ,2017-05-25 09:08:59
Samuel R.,"I believe that it's truly an unintelligent perspective to not allow scientist to understand this substances and it benefit, not only that but there are many dangers that come with not having a standard system around a free, naturally growing fungi",2017-05-25 00:55:51
Victoria M.,I wish magic mushrooms to be leagal in the uk,2017-05-24 18:39:19
Adam,"Firslty, Making a plant or other living organism llegal is just ridiculous.
Secondly, If their positive effect on mental health is as good as claimed then why not use that power?",2017-05-24 17:45:46
Robert a.,I believe that with legalization of this amazing molecule a big change can come I firmly advocate the use of this most wonderful medicine!,2017-05-24 14:33:48
Sophie C.,Magic mushrooms helped me get over the grief of my mother dying and revealed to me I had breast cancer and needed to check a lump in my breast during a trip. ,2017-05-24 12:35:05
Lucie S.,I am signing this petition as I believe there are many benefits of reasonable consumption of psilocybin mushrooms ranging from expanded perception that brings a more positive outlook on the external reality to a gentle treatment of anxiety and depression. ,2017-05-24 11:58:54
Luke,They have helped me deal with depression and to find my centre.,2017-05-24 11:38:12
Yuliya L.,"I am a practicing oncologist, professor at a major research hospital. One pcilocybe mushroom experience cured my life long depression. Another experience worked as an unanticipated alcohol consumption cure. I have not had alcohol for 2 years now. I think this incredible nature medicine should be available to all humans without restrictions. There are absolutely no scientific grounds for prohibition as pcilocybin is short acting and non-addictive without significant long term side effects.
",2017-05-22 21:06:34
mark,therapeutic reasons,2017-05-22 17:11:53
Niall H.,I believe firmly in the decriminalisation of personal drug use.,2017-05-22 11:19:02
sasha k.,"Pcylocybe and other fungal families are catastrophically under-researched, and these legal actions to prohibit use are making the situation totally tragic with respect to finding new drugs against parkinson's dementia, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, ADHD, PTSD, bipolar disease, autism, allergies, and even cancer. Everyone is getting old and everyone is prone to disease and faces loss of close friends and relatives. I trust that politicians can be clever and genuinely good human beings, and therefore urge those ones who don't want to propagate personal hell in ones they love and humanity at large, to choose the good legislative door to the right choices. thanks, love peace and light on you xx",2017-05-22 10:52:39
Kim B.,"I am a spiritual person. I believe in a higher level of conscious that connects me with the divine consciousness, or if your prefer, God.

I have achieved this level in the past through the use of LSD and psilocybin but now these substances are illegal. I would appreciate the re-legalization of these substances, or at least the ""psychoactive mushrooms"" so that I may re-experience my personal journey. It fell that it is my religious right. ",2017-05-20 23:27:56
Alastair B.,Criminalising the possession of plants that grow naturally is counter logical and prohibition of their use does not give you the tools to minimise harm from their consumption and trade.,2017-05-20 10:03:54
Sindre O.,This should be legal because of the potential benefits,2017-05-18 21:09:05
Cllr S.,"Magic mushrooms have been part our our culture for 1000's of years.
They do no harm therefore no reason for the state to get involved and criminalise people. ",2017-05-16 09:48:49
Kay,I agree they should be legal the benefits outweigh the worries ,2017-05-16 07:02:43
Adrian c.,Sovereignty of your own mind and consciousness is every ones freedom the current laws are not fit for purpose imposing rules on how people think is wrong.,2017-05-15 20:00:58
Edward B.,"I'm signing the petition because I feel that psilocybin is the greatest healer of certain mental health issues and if it became legal once again then the uk might slowly end up being a happier, wiser place ",2017-05-15 18:03:39
Michael S.,We need to be aware of the other side of the coin...,2017-05-15 17:57:39
Ciara m.,A society cannot be regarded as liberal or just whilst imposing such restrictions on its citizens. The right to explore ones own consciousness and state of being is fundamental and the benefits of psilocybin are numerous. These mushrooms have much to teach and must be legal. ,2017-05-15 17:28:40
Guy W.,Because a naturally grown fungus with only positive effects should be embraced and taken freely at will! The law should have no say what any individual chooses to do to their own body.,2017-05-15 16:41:40
Frith T.,"It makes sense to me that something that grows naturally and has such potential for healing and teaching should be free and legal to pick, take and supply, although supplying should be left to people who know what they are doing. It forces an education of a long lost past time that we should be embracing once again into our cultures.",2017-05-15 14:33:14
Joe R.,The World needs psylocibin ,2017-05-15 11:17:41
Olivia M.,"Because it should not be a criminal act to discover and explore other ways of living, as long as they do not harm others.",2017-05-15 11:13:04
Stuart B.,The sacred mushroom 🍄 and the cross.,2017-05-14 22:12:05
Phillip H.,"From my perspective, as a student of medicine, it is clear to me that the body is its own best healer. With the right nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management techniques and Mindset, the body returns to homeostasis. Psychedelics, when used respectfully & with reverence seem to have the uncanny ability of bringing into order the mind, body & spirit with the past, the present & the future (aka homeostasis)",2017-05-14 15:14:24
Gareth T.,The last 2 Star Wars movies were epic on Mushrooms,2017-05-12 17:2


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