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zzst...krrchqkpppfff.... Hello? Hello? Calling Kid Calamity
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Re: zzst...krrchqkpppfff.... Hello? Hello? Calling Kid Calamity
Apr 04, 2017, 11:16
TW is more transparent re agendas but also a big megaphone that any arsewit can shout down. I don't follow many, or have many followers so it's far more discreet, and I don't do politics etc ( I literally don't - all similar serpents on the same vile Neo Lib Con Medusa's head (don't be fooled kids!) and haven't the faintest interest in the popular rabble topics. I largely use it privately eg. DM and Chat Group.

Thing with FB is I find it a sinister, creeping Bond villainesque corporation. I was amazed to find just how far its intrusive corporate tentacles creep into your privacy, following, tracking etc. I have got savvy to apps that block, which is a satisfying bird flip, to a degree, but I still scratch my crust as to whether having a low key FB page again for ease re chums that don't shit worms, so to speak!
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