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zzst...krrchqkpppfff.... Hello? Hello? Calling Kid Calamity
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Kid Calamity
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Edited Apr 04, 2017, 10:50
Re: zzst...krrchqkpppfff.... Hello? Hello? Calling Kid Calamity
Apr 04, 2017, 10:48
Funny, my fears for security and suspicions of vulnerability are more biased against Twatter. I needed to maintain at least a Faceache presence, owing to family and pop stuff. I think I'm pretty locked down, these days.

The thing about social media - and all the work that goes into making devices and aspects of all things digital easy to use by everybody has been wasted. It's great that people with poor social and communications skills can now be included. It's fantastic that international friends can natter across the oceans. It's sadly also made it easy to abuse. Tongue only partly in cheek: democracy is wasted on some people.

I've said more than enough here, now.
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