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WEEKEND Plans...
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Kid Calamity
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Edited Mar 31, 2017, 16:38
WEEKEND Plans...
Mar 31, 2017, 16:36

I've been through a bit of a downer of late. Some of you might know some of the details. I'm not trying to be secretive or anything - it's just that some things aren't for sharing in public places.

Anyhoooooo... Last weekend was spent utterly munted in north London with my 'attorney', ala 'Fear & Loathing...' we stumbled from one bewildering experience to another. I'm convinced I witnessed the best gig I will EVER attend, at the Kentish Town Forum (or whatever it's called this week); Tony Allen and his fantastic band doing some sorta homage to Art Blakey.

We also found ourselves in a Jerry Sadowitz magic show, where he didn't swear or do anything remotely unsavoury. There were even kids in the little theatre!!

I might have 'imagined' some of that.

So... to this forthcoming weekend. Resting mainly...

I'm still aching from a heavy drumming session on Wednesday, for some reason. Hmmm... this might possibly be age related. I've some repairs to do out on the Castle Calamity ramparts, where Lady Calamity had a nasty fall, in my absence. She's also booked in for some repairs, too.

I will be mixing more music, from recent sessions - and seamlessly dropping in an overdub, supplied by a top guitarist who's paid me the compliment of not only liking what me and Corky have created but actually adding to the whole yumminess.

Sunday, sees the Calamity folk heading out to the most lush corner of the Black Country for noshing and natters with the good Wychbury people. It's been far too long since we last locked antlers. My recent... er, disposition... didn't encourage any cordiality - and I apologise.

Immediately after necking the last slurp of gravy, from the side of the plate, we're squeezing in yet another burst of social activity. My niece has copped for a sprog - so a dash over to the fair vale of Warwickshire will be shoehorned into our buzzing itinerary. We will poke and prod the littlest of Calamity Kids.

That's me.

What are you up to? If you can't think of anything, make something up.

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