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Edited Mar 08, 2017, 23:08
Re: Turntables
Mar 08, 2017, 23:06
dhajjieboy wrote:
I could write a thesis on turntables and such...
Never been without a turntable in active service in my life.{54 years}
I own half a dozen currently, all vintage at least 30 years or older..
Yamaha,Technics,Philips,and a wonderful old wood base Grundig which I have set up exclusively for playing 78 Rpm discs.
The magic is in the cartridges though, I really have a large collection of them...Signets,Shures,ADC,Audio Technica,Technics,Ortofon,Grado,Pickering....etc...
Most of the good old days stuff has been snagged up by enthusiasts/collectors though.
As far as styli/stylus/needles are concerned, your choices are limited to predominately 'JICO' {a Japanese concern wholly devoted to the manufacture of very high end and exotically cut diamond replacement styli for the better cartridges of yesteryear...
...EXPENSIVE... though...
But worth it.
Only source for a replacement stylus for a shure V15type V cartridge anywhere...with a ruby cantilever too...
The old Beryllium cantilevers were notorious for snapping in half if you were not extremely careful cleaning the stylus.
If you can bag an old shure M91 cartridge, they are the shit too.
Styli still available thru 'JICO'
I think it's highly worth it to not skimp in this area.
There is a huge difference between a conical cut diamond vs. a bi-radial elliptical and beyond in sonics.
Also, with a name like 'Kid Calamity' I really think you should seek some help in restoring any vintage gear from a competent old gear head.
Some great resources:



How the heck does any muso not have a turntable ?

Acoustic Research AR-XA,Shure V15 MK 3,JICO replacement Super Track + stylus running to a pair of recently recapped bi-amped Nad 302s from there to a pair of bi-wired Bower and Watkins speakers.
Debbie Gibson never sounded so much in the flesh,(is that wrong?).
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