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Re: Turntables
Mar 08, 2017, 22:50
I personally would try to fix the Technics,it was free so I wouldn't mind throwing a few quid on it,and if you can then source or fix the motor,a tip is lube the motor spindle with sewing machine oil.
I would join the forum I linked its US based but full of TT nerds.
Technics are the go to DJ TTs thats what gets their name they are solid workhorses but sonically flat.
I have sourced a few tables by going on Ebay and limiting the search to 10 miles from your postcode and buyer collects,that drops the price,also vendors don't always pack correctly so tone arms or dust covers could get smashed and a cash only deal allows you to view and or audition it.
I would be in no rush either,if you have not been without a TT for a number of years,3,6,12 months is nothing.
If you can get the Technics working you can stand back and wait for a classic to turn up,they do.
Then follow up the masterstroke,flog the Technics,through the revival hipsters who want to upgrade from a Crossley or Ion will go for a name they know and Technics is the name they go for,thus the price is high.
As in an earlier post an Ariston is a corking TT,but most people will think of a washing machine manufacture.
My AR is a late '60S beauty,Thorens copied the suspension,and I also have a Thorens TD-280 bought off Ebay for £35 unworking.
The vendor who aquired it in a house clearance didn't know how to switch it on.
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