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"Sick on You" The Disastrous Story of The Hollywood Brats
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Edited Mar 06, 2017, 08:50
Re: "Sick on You" The Disastrous Story of The Hollywood Brats
Mar 06, 2017, 08:49
Finished it - loved it.
Thing is, even though you kinda know the ultimate outcome, you find yourself rooting for them - as far as I can see, (youthful impertinence aside) their attitude is right at every stage, albeit totally out of step with the industry.
I mean, Matheson alone, he's more punk than most of the later punks - he hates everything ha ha.
In a funny sort of way though, it draws an interesting contrast in just how set in its ways a good deal of the British music industry still was compared to its US counterpart. The fact that the Dolls could get a major label deal, a top rank producer and promotional muscle behind them, when the Brats, their UK equivalent (and as you've pointed out, arguably more talented), were practically laughed out the door on every occasion.
But yeah, Andrew Matheson and Casino Steel - forward thinking motherfuckers indeed!

So just biding my time, drumming my fingers impatiently on the table now waiting for pay day so I can grab the album.
In the meantime, I'll settle for boiled rice, homemade apple sauce and a can of Longlife Lager or two.

Edit - One parts Dettol to 10 parts water. This is important knowledge ;-)
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