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Thats cheating that is.
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Thats cheating that is.
Feb 15, 2017, 17:47
Im not getting into the vinyl v digital row but what is it with these "DJs" fucking about with a flash drive and getting paid good money for it?
This generation of clubbers are having their collective arse spanked.
At work someone said that why play records?They cost money, they take up room and its alot to carry around.
Well a drummer doesn't turn up to a gig with a triangle saying his kit is too big to transport does he?
Youtube some of those so called DJs they arn't even wearing cans or monitors,theres one of that dire long haired French git poncing about with his mixer turned off,another couldn't even be bothered to plug the leads in.
Madonna and Britney get slammed for miming,why don't they?
Wheres the skill in buying a bit of software and pulling a few cdrs out of your sandwich bag standing back and waving your arms in the air?
I carn't see Mix Master Mike playing that stroke.

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