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Re: F Y I
Feb 19, 2017, 16:24
dhajjieboy wrote:
Enjoy your time off !
Please believe me when I tell you that I don't really give a jot whatever aspersions are cast my way...
I think it's kind'a funny that people actually think they are getting a 'rise' out of me with grotesque and foul invective.
As always, we are responsible for our own actions.

I agree that Lawrence's "invectives" were skewed to a quite remarkable degree. It was offensive at times. However, I find your criticism of Sin Agog to be a reflex action because he does defend such people; like Lawrence, like Markoid. Surely we should be sympathetic enough to grasp what "may" be going on with these people & NOT react to it.I'm aware that whilst writing this that I have no idea about who & what these people's lives are. Do you? Really?
Sin Agog in my opinion is a remarkable writer. He brings to this site a way of communicating that inspires. I don't always "get" it, but it's always worth reading. He has a way with words. As do you Dhaji when you're not on full defence mode.
You're not a sensitive soul. You don't get cut to the quick by a " throwaway" derisive comment. Some of us do. Some of us brood. Some of us get fundamentally hurt. I know that's a luxury. I know if we were in a war zone we wouldn't have that luxury, or would we? The thing is Dhaji I do think you've sensitive & I do think you care. And some people react very quickly & spontaneously be it right or wrong. People are strange:)

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