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Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Re: not sure..
Feb 18, 2017, 20:01
Seemed like we were making progress for awhile there. The more the Daily Mail dropped the term "PC gone mad", the more I thought, 'People trying not to upset each other, especially strangers, because you never know what they're going through.' But now it looks like there's a backlash against all of that- taking the piss out of 'safe places' etc. I get if you're perfectly compos mentis, other people's anxieties can be a drag to deal with. Even the most thoughtful people can get short-tempered when their partner, who suffers from anxiety, tells you that they're having trouble dealing with your friends and need to go home right this second. But you have to account for the wounded and the tender and highly-sensitive in life. It's like Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird: there are some people who walk amongst us made of gossamer who can teach us so damn much if we only act gentle around them. Some guy in a car called me a dozy cunt the other day for not sprinting across the street while I had a huge bag of washing in my hand. That niggled at me for days. Who knows how many people's lives we interrupt every day without even noticing it? I definitely try to pay attention to that sort of thing in person- beam good vibes whenever I can- but maybe I sometimes forget I'm talking to actual people on the internet (only got an internet connection something like seven or eight years ago, so it's still new territory to me). Apologies if I ever came across brusque about mental health or any other sensitive topics!

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